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9. Hovedkreds
(Arkiv -> Czech Open mm.)
Dear chess friends,

Let us announce that the information about dates and kinds of tournaments, which will be held within the frame of the 16th International Chess Festivals Series CZECH TOUR 2016 / 2017, is available on http://www.czechtour.net/news/ and preliminary regulations of the 27th International Chess and Games Festival CZECH OPEN 2016 on http://www.czechopen.net/en/news/.

We would like especially to invite you to the CHESS SUMMER IN THE HEART OF EUROPE that consists of following festivals:

14. – 31. 7. 2016 CZECH OPEN – Pardubice

5. - 12. 8. 2016 SUMMER PRAGUE OPEN

13. - 20. 8. 2016 OLOMOUC CHESS SUMMER

We are also organizers of the European Youth Championship in categories boys and girls up to 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 years of age this year. It takes place on 17.-28.8. 2016 in Prague. Regulations will be available at http://www.eycc2016.eu by the end of February.

For the first time in history the World Seniors Championship will be held in the Czech Republic. The championship will be played in categories men and women over 50 and 65 years of age and it will take place on 18.11.-1.12. 2016 in the town of Marianske Lazne. Players can participate in this tournament without reference to their rating. Regulations will be available on www.wscc2016.net by the end of March.

Furthermore we would like to inform you that the registration deadline for 16th LIBEREC OPEN 2016 that takes place 13. - 20. 2. 2016 (http://www.czechtour.net/liberec-open/), has been prolonged without extra fee for the late enrolment till 8th February 2016. The preliminary starting list of this event is available on http://www.czechtour.net/news/.

With best regards

Dr. Jan Mazuch, Director of CZECH OPEN & CZECH TOUR CZECH OPEN - International Chess and Games Festival - http://www.czechopen.net
CZECH TOUR - International Chess Festivals Series - http://www.czechtour.net
International Chess Calendar - http://calendar.avekont.cz/
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